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 Why run as a 3rd party candidate for U. S. Senate ( Reform Party)

I have been asked recently why I am running for the United States Senate as an independent third party candidate. Many have said that I am a great alternative to the typical big government career politicians running in the GOP primary now.  Other say that my campaign will lead to a Democrat victory in November. With support from likes of  tdcj ecomm  and others , I am confident I can be a responsible senate candidate.

We hear every time the Republicans or Democrats lose the White House, that they need to “rebuild” the party, or that they “need to take the party back.” If the parties were doing the right thing to begin with, there would be no need to rebuild them. Over the last 100 plus years, regardless of the rhetoric, the parties have never been rebuilt into something that resembles a government that the Founding Fathers would feel comfortable with. Each election cycle, regardless of which party is in the White House, brings our Republic further and further away from the Constitution, and closer to some sort of statist or fascist government.

Both of the GOP candidates are part of the problem. They are Washington insiders. They are supported by Washington insiders and their money. One will get the nomination and the other will support him. Why should he even bother in the first place.

I am running for the Senate as an Independent because liberty and freedom are precious commodities, and we are losing them very quickly.

I am running for the Senate as an Independent because I feel that neither political party best represents and will further the cause of liberty and freedom.

I am running for the Senate as an Independent because I no longer believe the solutions to saving our country lie anywhere within the two party system.

I understand the challenges I face running as a third party. There are false stereotypes, the myth of the “wasted vote” and simply having to break old habits of pulling the lever (or pushing the button) for anyone with an R or D after their name, regardless of their ethics or principles.  The future depends on it.

I am running for the Senate as an Independent because you deserve the choice. Our future depends on it.

  • Immigration – I wrote an article about three years ago detailing the problem with illegal immigration. This current problem has been caused by politicians who have played footsy with a corrupt Mexican government for the past 40 years. Now our federal Machiavellians want to pass another immigration bill when they completely ignored the laws already on the books! They create a problem and then pass a new law to show voters they’re trying to do something! First, we must secure our border with whatever means necessary to make it secure. We cannot pretend to fight terrorists and not secure our borders. Second, all the “freebies” to illegals must STOP! This will discourage future illegal immigration.

  • Education – This is not a federal issue or responsibility. Therefore, I will do all I can to abolish the federal department of education and put this issue back at the local level where it belongs. (President Reagan actually came up with this idea, I want to help make it a reality).

  • Taxation – The power to tax is the power to destroy, or so said the founders of this great nation. It doesn’t take much effort to realize that freedom and the IRS cannot co-exist. The destruction and abuse caused by this agency is beyond astronomical. In 1998, Congress held hearings about the criminal complaints made against the IRS by several of its own employees, Joe Bannister, Sherry Jackson, and Jennifer Long, to name just a few. One employee who testified refused to identify himself out of fear of reprisal from his own government! After the hearings and irrefutable testimony of criminal behavior within the IRS, Congress decided to have IRS offices opened on Saturday and ordered the agency to be more “user friendly.” The IRS needs to be abolished and the federal income tax repealed immediately! This is America and we were never intended to be under such intimidation or to have our every move scrutinized by government. I will stop this or die trying!

  • “War on Drugs” – The war on drugs has been a huge failure. Every year government officials promise they will do better if we just pour a little more money into the effort to stop drug abuse. How absurd! When will we ever learn? Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it and that is exactly what we are doing. Prohibition has not worked, is not working, and will never work! I will move to end laws of prohibition that have literally made the drug problem worse.

  • War in Iraq – Let’s review this entire situation. First, we were told that we had to invade Iraq to stop Hussein’s build up of WMDs. None were found. Then we were told that we had to remove Hussein. We did that; mission accomplished; bring our troops home! Then we were told we had to stay and liberate the Iraqi people; give them a “democracy.” So our troops stayed and it caused one problem after another. We were assured that this would NOT be another Viet Nam. Well, that’s certainly debatable, and after more than three years of killing Iraqis and Americans, we seem to be on the fast track to another Viet Nam! Then we were told that we could fight the terrorists here or in Iraq. So fighting over there is supposed to be the lesser of the two evils; so the propaganda said.

    ENOUGH! Now this war has become a political nightmare for the White House and is a no win situation. Saving face has become more important than saving lives. This invasion was improper from the get go. The terrorists who bombed us on 9-11 were not from Iraq and there is no evidence that Hussein had anything to do with it. The democrats and republicans have caused this problem and now cannot find a way out of it. So they continue to expend the lives of our sons and daughters and $9 billion per month until they can find some miraculous way to say we won this war. I will do everything to bring our troops home NOW!

  • What have the dems and repubs brought you? The welfare state, $4 trillion spent of your money since LBJ declared his war on poverty in 1964! Deficit spending and a $7 trillion debt. Out of control spending and ruthless taxation. Government that grows five times faster than the economy and 20 times faster than the population. The patriot act, government eavesdropping and perpetual encroachments on civil liberties. Gun control and all its related enforcement. War after war after war! Since World War II the United States has been involved in at least 18 different wars or “police actions.” This list of abuse goes on and on!

  • Tamara Inmate Reforms : Every relativ or family of the inmate jailed in any prison in USA has the right to communicate with there loved ones. An inmate should be given equal opportunity to connect to there family and friends. The current US Jail system does not allow a smooth communication medium between inmates and outside world. If I get selected as Governor I would be passing bill to make inmate search easiser. Non profit sites like InmateSearchinfo.com are already working in this field and I will like to support them for there noble cause.

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My answer is, all your freedoms all the time – No exceptions!

Vote Tamyra Will. or Forever Hold Your Piece