Working together we can get results for West Michigan. Growing up in Grand Rapids, it wasn’t about being a Democrat, Republican or Independent, it was about our community.  It was about putting our differences aside to come together, not dividing ourselves by labels or arguing over petty matters.  It was about getting things done.  And that is still true.

I love this community and the way it does business.  That is why I returned right after finishing Harvard Law School to live, work, and give back.  I became a business lawyer to work with the community that I love: working with people, helping new and small businesses grow, anticipating and solving problems, negotiating, and finding the best solution for everyone.

In Washington, partisanship rules the day and things are not getting done right.  That is why I am running for Congress.    We must work together to get results.  I learned that lesson working in a Steelcase factory as a spot welder for four very hot summers during college.

Washington politics aren’t working for Michigan.  We need results not rhetoric.  We need leaders not followers.  Both parties have good ideas.  But partisan politicians in Congress are too concerned with who’s in power and how to get power or keep it, instead of worrying about how best to serve the people.

I want to take West Michigan values to Washington and with your help we can find solutions to the challenges facing our nation.

My first priority in Congress is to get the economy back on track and help create good paying jobs here in West Michigan.  A part of that effort must include being good stewards of our natural resources.  Investments in clean green energy  mean we can conserve our environment, protect our quality of life, and create jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.  Investing in our community allows our kids to find a future in Michigan.

We must make sure that along with job growth, Michigan schools are preparing our children for the jobs of tomorrow.  A quality, affordable education is the key to a good job.  Families shouldn’t have to break the bank to pay for college.

The Federal government must do what families and small businesses do, live within our means and budget.  Going from a Federal budget surplus in FY 2000 to a Trillion Dollar deficit in FY 2011 and doubling the Federal debt over the past 10 years was irresponsible and reckless.

Together we can make the 3rd District the best place to raise a family, go to school, earn a good living, start a business or retire after a lifetime of work.