Why I am running

  • I’m running for the US Senate for one primary reason; because the freedom America was founded on is being destroyed.

  • I am running to restore personal liberty before it is too late. The democrats and republicans have caused most of the problems we are now facing and the voters keep re-electing them. This year there is an alternative.

  • I believe that this is the year the citizens wake up and just say NO to the perpetual cycle of democrat/republican politics. What problems have they solved? Education? No! Taxation? What a joke! Immigration? Heck, they caused this problem and now want to pass another law when they never enforced the laws already on the books!

  • Both the D’s and the R’s have created the catastrophe we are presently facing; an out of control government with out of control spending, a war In Iraq that should have never happened, destruction of our Constitution, a failed drug war, an out of control welfare state, and a big brother police state to go along with it.

  • If you like things the way they are, then vote for either one of my opponents, it really won’t make a hill of beans difference. But if you want individual liberty and our Constitution to once again reign as the supreme law of the land, with NO exceptions, then I offer myself as the alternative.